We Accept All Insurance

At Norris Paint & Bodyworx,

We Accept ALL Insurance Providers

Insurance adjusters may recommend a body shop near you or even send you a list of their “approved” providers. However, you have the right to choose your body shop and still get the same coverage for repairs, regardless of the insurance company’s preferred list.

As a body shops that is free of the strings of insurance kickbacks, we operate freely. Perks of working with us include:

  • We understand that NC law doesn’t require us to be on a “preferred provider” list to repair your vehicle and negotiate with your insurance company for complete repair payment.
  • We choose the best parts to repair your vehicle rather than only what your insurance company recommends.
  • We accept ALL insurances, not just “preferred insurance providers”
  • We negotiate with your insurance company for you. We stay in constant contact with your insurance company, so you can relax. We inform the insurance company of your rights and clarifiy that the law allows you to choose your body shop.

Understand Your Rights in North Carolina

According to NC law, an insurance policy covering damage to your car must allow you to select the repair service or source for the repair of the damage. The insurance company, by law, must pay the amount owed under your policy statement covering your damage regardless of the repair service selected by you.

By law, the insurance company (including an insurance agent, representative, broker, adjuster, or appraiser) may not recommend a particular motor vehicle repair service without clearly informing you that:

  • You are under no obligation to use the recommended repair service
  • You may use the repair service of your choice
  • The insurer has a financial interest in the recommended car repair shop service
  • You receive payment for the amount determined by the insurer and payable under your policy regardless of whether you use the recommended repair service.

North Carolina law makes it clear that no insurer can require you to have a damaged vehicle repaired at an insurer-owned motor vehicle repair service. Any private passenger motor vehicle insurance policy sits under these NC laws promulgated by the Bureau and approved by the Commissioner. GS_58-3-180.pdf (ncleg.gov)

We Accept ALL Insurance

At Norris Paint and Bodyworx, we do repairs without strings:

  • Our unaffiliated collision shop only charges what is necessary to repair your car and pass the savings on to you.
  • No extra fees or charges kick back to an insurance company.
  • Insurance companies have no power over what we deem necessary for your vehicle.
  • We work with ALL insurance companies.
  • We work for YOU, not big business.

We Negotiate For You

Our experience working with insurance reps means that your car gets repaired quickly and efficiently while we handle the red tape. We negotiate needed repairs, work time, and parts with your insurance company to get the best coverage for what your vehicle needs. We want you to come to us with your collision repair needs, so we represent your rights with your insurance company.

Our collision services cover every type of body work and repair related to collision. Go ahead and bring your car in for a free estimate. We keep you informed every step of the repair while ensuring your insurance company covers your needs. Get in touch today and discover how we can help you put your accident behind you and move forward again.


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