Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance cover the repair charges for my vehicle?

Car insurance collision coverage pays for accident repairs but assumes the depreciated value of your car. Comprehensive coverage pays out for damage such as vandalism or a tree falling on your car. However, insurance does not cover normal wear and tear over time as your car depreciates.

What is normal wear and tear?

Insurance does not cover normal wear and tear on your vehicle, such as transmission going out, repairing damage from not getting your oil changed, brake repairs or replacement, or minor scratches. Insurance companies assume that your car wears down over time and is worth less.

Do you guarantee your repairs at Norris Paint & Bodyworx?

We cover all of our repairs with a lifetime warranty backing up everything we do as long as you own the vehicle that was repaired.

Will you take my insurance coverage?

We take ALL insurance coverage and work directly with your provider so that you don’t deal with the back and forth of handling your claim on your own.

Do I have to choose a body shop that’s on my insurance provider’s list?

By law, you can choose the body shop of your choice to repair your vehicle. We understand insurance regulations in North Carolina and are happy to work with your insurance company, ensuring the best outcome for your car with the least amount of hassle for you.

Does my insurance cover a rental car?

Your insurance company will pay for your rental car up to your coverage limits if your policy has rental car coverage.

Will you call or text after my repairs are complete?

We always stay in touch with you to let you know what’s happening with your car at all times, especially when your vehicle is ready to pick up. Completing your repairs promptly and immediately contacting you is our priority.

How do you work up an estimate? Is your estimate accurate?

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic systems to determine your estimate. Our estimate is as accurate as any body shop, and we aim to hit the mark every time. At Norris Paint and Bodyworx, we never upcharge you as the work progresses, and we respect your need to consider the cost before approving repairs.

How long will it take for parts to come in?

Most parts ship overnight, but if your make, model, and year require back-ordered parts from another country, your repairs could take longer.

Is a car with frame damage a total loss?

Damage to any part of the car’s mainframe can reduce the car’s structural integrity. Frame damage can prevent a car from protecting individuals in an accident. Because most vehicles have an integrated unibody structure, your safety is at risk with an unstable frame structure.

What are betterment charges?

Your insurance company assumes that repairs will make your car better than it was before the repair. If we replace your old bumper or install a new side mirror, you now have new parts on your vehicle. Your insurance company adjusts our repair estimate for the amount of value that the new parts give your vehicle.

In other words, you get less reimbursement from them because you are getting a “betterment” on the “basis” of your vehicle’s value after repairs. Your insurance coverage does not pay for getting a better vehicle. It only pays to bring the value of your car up to where it was before your accident. Since new parts are worth more, they expect you to take the hit for the betterment of your vehicle.

Can you match my paint color exactly?

Yes, our paint is the Ultra 9K New Waterborne System.  Manufacturers also use waterborne paint right on the assembly line. This paint gives the best possible paint match to OEM color.

How long will my repairs take?

Getting your estimate can take from two to five days. Much of this is communication with your insurance company. After getting any parts in, we usually need another 2 days for simple repairs or 5 days for an extensive repair.

Do you accept any payment plans?

We do not accept payment plans. We will do our best to accommodate the best cost-effective repairs without sacrificing the quality of our work.  We do accept debit and credit cards as well as certified bank checks or money orders as payment methods.

Why should I choose Norris Paint & Bodyworx?

We are a locally owned body shop with 25+ years of experience. We’ve seen it all and know how to fix it. In addition, we work with your insurance company at all points of the process to make everything easier for you.


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